Kyle Espiritu

Apprentice Level 3 Instructor

Kyle started his martial arts journey 12 years ago, and has been a fanatic ever since, training in different styles such as Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, and Kali.

His interest in Cognitive Kali started while at UCLA where he joined a neurology-focused research team that studied the connection between teaching styles and learning output. With experiences in neurological studies and martial arts, joining the Cognitive Kali team was a perfect blend of his two backgrounds.

Now, as a budding martial arts instructor and life-long student of brain health methods, he seeks to meet, work, and train with passionate individuals with similar interests, while spreading his love and knowledge of the martial arts to those around him.

Kyle is available for private and small group instruction in the Los Angeles area and can be contacted using the contact form on this website.